Home Depot Corporate Offices in
San Pedro Garza García, NL, México
Where Have the Jobs Gone? This Page Should Help Answer Your Question
Whirlpool Apodaca, NL, México
Grainger Apodaca, NL, México
Another View of Grainger, Apodaca, NL, México
Kenworth, Apodaca, NL, México
Pepsi, Apodaca, NL, México

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AMWeld Apodaca, NL, México

One of three, million sqft plant on Whirlpool campus in Apodaca, NL, México
Mary Kay Apodaca, NL, México
The Mexico, they don't tell you about in the media. There are dozens of new shopping centers all over the Monterrey, Mexico area; many rival what we have here in the states
One of many neighborhood parks in Mexico
We are told how bad they got it; by the mass media.
We wish we could have it this bad!
Here is another of the many newer
Monterrey, Mexico middle class neighborhoods
The money from those good paying jobs are spent here!
 Dozens of large shopping centers & malls are scattered around the Monterrey metro area.
BRP Recreation Products
Hershey's New Plant in Mexico
The modern light rail system, is powered by methane gas from the areas
sewer system; the gas is
converted to electricity.
One of many middle class neighborhood, scattered around the Monterrey Metro area. It gets much better than this too!
The area is filled with nice neighborhoods
and wide beltways and parks. 
This Hershey plant cost Americans 3,300 high paying jobs paying $15-19 an hour
BRP Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. BRP, makes many products you may be familiar with; if you enjoy water sports
Delphi's mega plant in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
OSRAM Ciudad Juárez, Mexico makes light bulbs under the Sylvania name
Electrolux Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Wal-Mart customers, enjoy shaded parking in Mexico

Many companies like Black & Decker and hundreds more, have plants in gate guarded industrial parks;
scattered throughout Mexico.
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