Craigslist Warning!
Craigslist is a great place and I use it all the time. I want to warn people that are looking for rentals that there are companies or people who are placing fake ads to obtain personal information. (This is called "phishing".)

They will respond to your email inquiry almost immediately, and ask you to fill out an application on their website. This is, of course, where they ask you to for personal information. DON'T DO IT!

They are using mostly gmail accounts and they don't specify WHERE in Mohave County there rental is. I responded to an ad that was very attractive asking the simple question, "Where in Mohave County is your rental?" What I got back was the "pre-packaged" letter/email telling me to fill out an application.

If you have already responded to one of these ads and received an email back from the scammer, if you haven't already deleted it, before you do delete it, please forward it to

Some of the emails used on the Mohave County Craigslist that are from scammers are:

If you google (or other search engine) these email addresses, you will find pages and pages of ads on Craigslist all over the U.S. and on other rental websites. When I went to post this, Craigslist said my posting was blocked because an email I listed above was not allowed. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! This means that Craigslist is doing something about these losers!!!

Please use common sense and NEVER, EVER, EVER, give out personal information over the internet to someone you don't know. If a landlord is interested in having you as a tenant, he/she/they will want to meet you first and YOU would want to SEE the rental FIRST before ever filling out an application.

Also, please be sure to never meet a "landlord" alone. Take a friend AND make sure you tell someone close to you the address to where you are going. BE CAREFUL!!! There are a lot of crazies out there

Some helpful links:
Checkout the above site; before you use Craigslist for rentals.
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